Thursday, April 7, 2016

Kahn artist

A few weeks back we had a big blizzard. Most everything was shut down, schools, offices....but not Starbucks or my computer training class for work, those were still a go. So, I informed the peacock that he would need to take a snow day & parent the children. He assured me all was good & that he'll just take the day off so they can play and such. So off I go walking to work. Enroute I became mesmerized by this group of trees & the city lights illuminating behind them. Honestly, the scene looked like a painting from the great artist, Wolf Kahn. The colors & contrast were just stunning. I snapped a few shots & continued to my not rescheduled computer class. 

A few hours into the class we were informed that all non-essential staff & classes were canceled & we were told to go home......Because there's an F-ing blizzard outside!!! So, off I trot back to the house. 

Entering the house I quickly realize that there's more going on than just a blizzard outside. The peacock is sitting in his "work" chair, on his computer, working. "Where are the kids?" 
"They're in the back watching a movie. I had to get some things done for work. This snow day is really inconvenient." time I'll schedule it on the weekend so it's easier for you???......
I enter our bedroom & there is a 3 course meal going on in our bed, straight up with chocolate milk cocktails. Princess dresses are all over the floor, as if  there has been a costume change every hour. What the hell? I look at my desk and my laptop is sitting in a puddle of water! "What is going on in here?" "It wasn't me, it was her." my son says out of practiced reaction.  Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.......(Hence, why the blog has been composed on the iPad for the past week). "Ya, I agree, this snow day is super inconvenient..."

                Civic Center Trees (2016)
                Oil on canvas board 6x12

Never trust a peacock when there's a blizzard on a work day, they are all Kahn artists. 

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