Sunday, April 24, 2016

30 in 24

I have 6 days left to complete my 30 paintings in 30 days and well...while I have painted each day...I'm already behind. The most important thing I've learned so far with completing 30 paintings in 30 days is that: This is NOT how I work. It's a good challenge & there have been some great benefits for me. However, what I've found with this journey thus far is that my prior process worked quite well for me. I painted about every 2-3 days (more or less), often completing the painting, but also taking a few sessions to work on one painting. I also took days off to "miss" it, play with my family, read some books, & then get to it again. An important part of painting for me is taking the time that is needed (hours, days, weeks) to just stare at my work without finishing it & just thinking about it, taking in how I feel. Not getting rushed, finishing when the time is right. Some call this process procrastination and it is, but I like to work like this. So that is why the below painting is not done. I had to stop painting on it this morning & make a cup of tea, cook some eggs, pack up the day bag, go to the acupuncturist, return books to the library, see the Samurai exhibit at the art museum, weed the garden plot, drink tea and read some comics at the comic shop, pick up a toy kitchen, have a cup of tea, then I thought about working on it tonight....and then instead, I watched some Big Bang Theory. I will most likely finish this one on April 30th, because I work best under pressure.

(The picture for this painting was given to me by my good friend, Connie. She has painted this amazing site....And when I get this one done I will blog to it & give you the 411 on her & her amazing hold your horses) 

Untitled : in procrastination process
Oil on Clay board 8x10

Or I may get it done on April 31st.

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