Thursday, April 21, 2016

30 in 30...the day Prince died

I loved Prince as a young girl. I felt rebellion listening to his music. I loved everything about his music & the way he went about his art. He pushed boundaries & created amazing music. My senior year of high school I choreographed a group dance for our troupe to his song "Thunder" off the Diamonds & Pearls album. I loved the bold of this song & the beginning of it was what inspired the theatrical choreography that made it all come together. I was so proud of that dance and I do believe it performed well at the show. 

I wish I would've done this on 8x10, as the facial features & proportions were very difficult. 

                     Prince 4-21-2016 
               Acrylic on canvas board 7x9

The man is gone, but music lasts forever

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