Saturday, April 16, 2016

It's my view and it's perfect

30 in 16
Everyday, this is my view. 

Year after year we fight off the reality that we will need to move. We have 2 bedrooms; a boy & a girl, 5 years apart. They keep they keep getting bigger. Filing up our empty spaces. Adding more words to their vocabulary. Kicking eachother out of "their" room (of which they currently share). Bigger Fights & bigger forts. 

But, everyday, this is my view. 

Our 900 square feet does not include a yard. There are balls thrown in my house daily, against walls & windows. Cracked picture frames, broken nude statues, overturned house plants, spilled juice. The midcentury hanging hoop lamp shade is the location for epic basketball games between grandpa & grandson. And hallway soccer (which I'm sure our neighbors just love). 

But, everyday, this is my view. 

My kitchen is only big enough for 1 adult and it still contains the original late 60's/70's stove (because it still works!). When my family of four all tries to use the galley kitchen at the same time, we rival the old days to see how many people fit in a telephone booth. However, for us, our kitchen cramming elicits stress & frustration that involves loud voices, till there is only one person left. Alone. The winner!!!! 

We live amongst the buildings all close together, reaching for the sky, in a close and lively space, full of life & art & joy & sometimes sadness. Full of all things memories.
Tower View (2016)
acrylic on canvas 15x30

Every. Single. Day....this is my home. 

And yes, the water soaked computer is still in the shop. 

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