Friday, April 29, 2016

30 in 29

This is another painting done via the view from 900 square feet. It's out of our bedroom window that faces north. It was rushed; done at 5:30 this morning, when I was still a little asleep. Ok, I was a lot asleep. I have been back to painting in the early morning (as of this past week), as it is not too dark and cold these days...until today, when winter came back and with this gloomy, rainy, cold day, I really just wanted to sleep in. Honestly, if I wasn't so close to getting my 30 in 30 done, I would've skipped painting today and called it good. While I don't totally hate this painting, I do wish I would've done it on a bigger surface. 5x7 is just not big enough for these and it really makes getting the proportions done right, difficult for me. I will most likely scrape this one off and use it as a future practice board.
Untitled : getting scraped & recycled
Oil on gesso board
As much as I enjoy painting small....sometimes it's good to go big when you paint home.

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