Thursday, April 7, 2016

30 in 7

Tonight I painted in my drop in class at Student Art League of Denver with professional artist, Don Sahli. I really like this class, as Don really has helped me to see the relationship between colors & how to see color correctly. I'm fairly convinced that he could teach my color blind husband how to see color.  I must say, that this painting is only about 90% mine. Don painted on it a bit to help teach me some techniques. While I have a couple of artist friends who don't like that; for me, as a visual learner, it helps me tremendously just to watch someone paint. That's how I learn best.

                                                                   Still life #5 (2016)
                                                           Oil on canvas board 24x28

Coincidentally, it's also best for me to watch someone else cook my food & clean my house.


  1. I keep looking for the like buttons on your blog - in a decade or so when those kids grow up you can stop cooking. I haven't cooked a meal in months.