Wednesday, September 30, 2015

It's Leftover night

I must say, I truly love leftovers. They are just like hand-me-downs, so perfected the second time around. Now, I didn't grow up with too many leftover nights, as my Mom was quite efficient with cooking the exact amount of food for a family of 4. Also, I don't think my Dad liked leftovers, so these nights were few and far between (usually occurring when he was out of town). Admittedly, I looked forward to them (not as much as I looked forward to TV dinner night (also usually occurring when Dad was out of town).....mmmmmmm....that warm pudding heated up nicely in BPA emitting plastic covering...... God I miss the ignorance of the 80's.....but, leftovers, so good and most likely not cancer causing).

Fast forward 30 years & we have leftovers quite frequently when I cook and that is because
1. I'm not too efficient with cooking, sometimes I have too little, and mostly too much.
2. I lack some serious spacial/portion skills (Who knew there was so much Math involved with cooking).
3. I measure nothing, so most of my food is "one of a kind".
4. As I mentioned, I was quite neglected in my leftovers as a child and now I must live my leftover dreams.
I LOVE leftovers for lunch and once again for dinner and maybe breakfast the day after. (Enjoy it, because it will never taste this way a second time)
I LOVE YOU leftovers.  I don't have to cook, or measure or efficientate. I just reheat and open a new bottle of wine. It's that easy.

With this love of the leftovers, I decided to use my leftover paint from one painting and use it on a new one. The colors were already mixed, just need to "heat it up". Now, some will love it and some will not, but it's still new even though it was leftover.

Fall Waters (2015)
Acrylic on panel 5x7

Just get out the brushes and open a new bottle of wine.
It's that easy

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Painting Brainless, inspired by Monet

This past weekend, my uncle, Chuck, posted a picture to my facebook page of these beautiful fall leaves in a rock pond. Immediately I became obsessed with this picture.
From the moment he posted it, I thought about it constantly. I had a flow of ideas, and I went with my gut on them.....I shut out my thoughts.....and. just. painted.

Since our trip to Paris, I have also had a bit of fascination with Monet's water lily murals at the Musee de l' Orangie. I must admit that prior to our trip, Monet was not one of my favorite artists. I can appreciate his work and especially his color pallet, but when I have seen some of the paintings, they didn't inspire me like other artwork has done.
But seeing these murals in person, room after room,wall to wall.......Mind Blown! (que explosion)

I read that Monet was so inspired by his waterlilies in his back pond that he found bounds of inspiration from that one pond alone and created many beautiful works of art all from this one inspiration. To read more click HERE.  A muse like that is what keeps your heart beating. The water lily murals ARE now some of my favorite memories from our trip. More than the beauty these murals entice, there is a wonder of how he made these all look different and then how the heck did these get put together and maintain their magnificence.

So, this past weekend, I painted brainless, with my Uncle Chuck's posting, inspired by Monet. This is where it all took me. This is the first of 2 paintings I made from the same Muse.

Fall! Where the heck are you? (2015)
Acrylic on canvas 9x12

Brainless and Inspired. 
Thanks Uncle Chuck, 

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

I am AmateurDam

Ah, Amsterdam. So many think they're ready for you, only to find that they are amateurs.

I knew going to Amsterdam that it would be out of this world and over the top, but I honestly thought that "well people live here, so it can't be crazy everywhere."  Arriving into the train station.....It. Was. Nuts! So many people, bikes, lightrails, cars zipping by in all directions. It was anxiety provoking. I didn't know which way to look or cross so that I could maintain life.

I immediately wanted to leave and go back to Belgium.

The craziness continued when we went into the main square of Amsterdam, mostly known for it's coffee shops, that really don't serve any coffee or tea for that matter (but after the brush of death attempting to cross the street, they make more sense). And the red light district, which we only skirted, due to the littles that we had with us...............But, there is just no avoiding the shop windows. Full on sex shop window displays, out in the open, in your face, and 7 year olds asking you questions you do not want to answer today, or any other day.

"Mom what are those? It looks like a penis.Look there's a red one, a green one, a pink one....."
"Why are there so many penis here Mom?"
"I don't know, I don't live here." (Amateur)
Answer Accepted!
Ummmmmm, not quite. After more thought & another window.
"Why are the penis all different colors Mom?"
(Oh God, I need a drink or coffee shop now!)
"I just told you that I don't know because I don't live here."
"Oh......... Okay.............maybe Dad knows."
Now let's get the heck out of here before more questions come at me that I don't want to discuss on vacation. (Amateur)

And that's when I found the real character of Amsterdam, by side-stepping and avoiding and such. Outside of the crazy, over the top, and the crowds of young 20 year olds, looking for stories to tell, there is a beautiful city full of charm and down to earthiness that really can't be beat. The unique, quirkiness of Amsterdam, really lies in the canals, the locals and especially the side by side leaning houses. This is the place that is really lovely.

I can't wait to go back again.

AmateurDam (2015)
Acrylic on canvas 10x10 

The Peacock put it best. 
You really don't appreciate how awesome Amsterdam is until you are away from it. It's then that you realize this is a great place. 
True, but,  
"I don't know, I don't live here." 

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Urban Biking- Guest blog by the Angry Peacock

Here it is, my big finished painting. 
For those who need a recap......see Here
For everyone else.......
Enjoy the peacock. 

Angry Peacock Denver Commute (2015)
Acrylic on Canvas 36x24 

As a Peacock American, a bicycle is the obvious transportation choice. We are naturally equipped with bright outfits and there is an inherent pride to bicycle commuting. A peacock says to his fellow commuters I am in the race on my terms, healthy, joyful, beautiful and sustainable in my habitat. We are most annoyingly happy. 

I sometimes detect animosity among my fellow commuters, the creatures in the automobiles. They scowl and huff as we pass them in traffic and defend our place on the road. I empathize with their dilemma. Traffic sucks, and if they do not rush home fast enough they will not have time to drive to the gym after dinner. 

People do not know that even Peacocks have anxiety and self esteem issues. I sometimes feel weak and hopelessly vulnerable, like when watching a TV show or movie in which an average Joe like me saves humanity with little more than his Mustang or 'dualie' pick-up truck and weapons cache. But, then I say to myself, 'no that's pretend and stupid,' and I go for a long ride and feel superior again.

I think this is because life's real villains are not aliens or commie invasions, but every day choices that lead to bigger problems. The superiority a peacock exudes on his bicycle is not something he states, it is inherent in his way and forms in the back of everyone's mind. Sometimes it takes the form of 'hey idiot get your bike on the side walk' and on rare occasion it leads to some desperate soul rolling coal on our feathers. 

For a Peacock it is critical to take care never to mention any sense of superiority to which we are entitled by our mere mode of transportation. Somethings require no mention.

- The Angry Peacock