Sunday, July 17, 2016

Still searching for words

It's called writers block, and I'm having a terrible case of it right now. I have been painting several little still life's, some portraits & some other commissioned works, but no words come....None.
Absolutely NONE!
I've sat down to blog for a few weeks and the only product is a blaring white computer screen.
I am starting a new series of paintings that I'm very excited about and I'm hopeful the words will come to accompany these when they are complete.

In the meantime, here are a few little still life's that I have done in the last couple weeks, with more to come. (Pardon the glare with these).

A Pear of Three (2016)
Oil on Gesso 6x6
Mule need some more (2016)
Oil on Gesso 6x6

Limes vs. Lemons  (2016)
Oil on Gesso 6x6

Until next time....