Saturday, April 30, 2016

30 in 30!!!!

I did it! I survived & I must say:  wow did I learn a lot with these 30 days. As difficult as it was to paint every day, I do feel that it is very valuable. As I am still trying to figure out my style, I feel that painting everyday (or every other/ or every 2 days) is a sure way to figure out where I want to be.
The below is an abstract of these magnificent purple/fuchsia trees that I like to walk by in the Baker neighborhood. I still need to  figure out how to get the fuchsia color I know I'm seeing....but for now...I will continue to paint frequently...even when I figure it out.
Purple Trees (2016)
Oil on canvas 12x12
Oh, and I did get the bridge done....just in time for April 31st. 

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