Thursday, December 8, 2016

Dress Threats

Every first Friday of the month, all the galleries on Santa Fe art district and RINO open for the public. It's called first Friday art walk and it's craaaaazzzzy. There are masses of people, food trucks, lines and yet, for one big reason, I decided to bring the little goldfish with me this past month. Now, this is not a venue I'd usually take her to because she is a crazy chicken who ramps it up a notch with any form of chaos. But The Colorado Ballet is located in the art district and they were performing 30 minute samples of their upcoming Nutcracker....and... well, I wanted to do a trial run before I bought tickets to the real thing.

We started off by taking the lightrail down to the art district and walking up 5 blocks to the ballet. When we got there, the line was long & we waited for about 45 minutes to get in. She did very good with the wait only climbing on one thing, laying on the ground kicking her feet for only about 5 minutes and running around the lobby just twice.

We finally took our seats successfully passing the snacks and gifts with only a few "pleeeese Mom I reeeeallllly need a snack"...."I'll be reeeallllly good with my snack" and sat down next to another Mother / Daughter pairing.

When the lights went down and the dancers came on....the look on my daughter's face lit up with pure delight and excitement and this moment will forever be burned into my memory.
...and that's where it ends, because after that, she noticed the little girl next to her bouncing back and forth in her theater seat. Up and down, in & out of the seat. You name it, this kid was doing it...flips, spins, jumps, leaps...ok, maybe not leaps, but was chaos, so interest was perked in my little one to show off her own theater chair moves. This musical chairs routine got me mad, it got me frustrated! Thirty minutes!!! Thirty frickin minutes! "You sit down right now, or I'm taking away ALL your dresses!" (it should be noted, that my little one LOVES dresses more than air or candy or a theater chair, so this is how she knows we mean's our go to usually doesn't work).

This is an abstract created with the feelings from this night with my little one. Tutus, chaos, toe shoes and theater seats.
Delight and Excitement (2016)
[OR Sit down before you lose all your dresses]
Mixed Media: Acrylic, ink, oil pastel and graphite on canvas paper
Not sure if this is the final version, I'm still deciding. 

And because I'm an optimist, addicted to the ballet, I bought 2 tickets to The Nutcracker & I'm planning to bring both my dress threats & some duct tape to insure success.