Monday, April 13, 2015

We only ditch school for opening day. Period.

Opening day is a holiday for our family. A big deal. We wait impatiently all winter for it, suffering through the lesser sports of football and basketball; waiting for the next best thing to chocolate to appear every April-October (hopefully October, please make it to October!). Baseball. This year was a bit different in that we were not planning to go, as the tickets were nearly impossible to get & the goldfish is completely out of control in crowds (actually she is socially inappropriate pretty much everywhere outside of the home). Since the Rockies were playing the Cubs, this added to the "no way in hell are we going to take the goldfish out of her tank for this." However, the peacock was able to score some rooftop tickets and that allowed for him and the boy to go. So we pulled our son out of school to go to opening day with his dad. We walked them down to the park and dropped them off into the mad chaotic glory known as Opening Day. "Have fun & listen to Dad."

Opening Day 2015 
Acrylic on canvas 8x10

And don't repeat any of the words you hear.....especially those from the Cubs fans, they are questionable at best.
Come to think of it, don't repeat any from your Dad either....He too is questionable.


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