Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Excuse the interruption, I have a flare for the ADD

So, I haven't posted any paintings for a few days now and it has nothing to do with not painting, it has to do with painting too much and, well, I have been having a flare of my acquired distraction disorder. I currently have not 1, not 2, but 3 paintings that I have started......and not one of them is finished. I began the first then got bored; started a second, got frustrated, so I started the third (because clearly that's logical in a tornado of distracted thinking). For those who don't know about acquired distraction disorder, let me break it down. I acquired my disorder in 2002 when I first became a nurse and was continually interrupted during my work. Some of you call this "multi-tasking" and emphasize how great it is to be able to do this. I don't agree with this. It's so much more fulfilling and productive to be able to devote all your attention, 100% to ONE thing at a time. This is not always reality & I realize this. Anyways, when you acquire distraction disorder, your attention gets sliced and diced and crapped on by the minute. You can't tell your head from your ass. You don't know where you were going, what you were doing, saying, seeing, you have no attention to anything. You cannot focus and cannot sit still. You become the wind: all over the place and annoying everyone around you.

Once I became a parent I'd already had my "ADD" for 5 years, but the ADD exponentially grew. I now performed tasks at 20-50% at most.....otherwise known as "half-assed". Constant interruptions! Interrupted every minute they are awake! Interrruptions!!!!  I can't even count the times I forgot to brush my hair (Mom, I need some help), eat dinner (mom I spilled my water), call people back (Mom, I need a towel), start the dishwasher (Mom, I need tucked in, again) or turn off appliances (Mom, I had an the living room....on the couch). Interruptions directly lead to acquired distraction disorder and you eventually just have to accept it.

I have no completions to show for my many days of painting this week, other than the 3 works in progress on the easel. And I'm not sure where I will go with those yet.

I will have to keep you posted in between interruptions. 
But until then, I have started not 1, not 2, But 3......Yes 3 glasses of wine and a bag of chocolates! 
This is how you fix a flare. 


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