Monday, April 27, 2015

I now give you the Red Light Special

I love the strip of buildings on Market street between 16th street mall and 17th. In my 20's I spent a few nights dance crawling (it's a pub crawl, but you only go to places with a dance floor) through downtown and this wee strip holds some good, yet foggy memories. This is the strip where I had my first time..........eating sushi at Sonada's, of course! (Sadly, after 19 years, Sonada's is no longer in business) One of my best friends, Rie, taught me all I needed to know and safely got me through my first time on Market street.

And now for a short history lesson.

Apparently, Euclid Hall off 14th between Larimer & Market was the meeting place for many prominent politicians and law officers...and Market street was their pit stop on the way home. Market street in Denver was the Red Light District, back in the late 1800's. The street was originally named Holladay (after much drama), but with all the "happenings" on the street the family demanded that the street name be changed as to not disgrace the family name and derail the legacy. The miniseries of the naming of these downtown streets is quite interesting. The history of downtown Denver & the territorializing of its streets during this time, I predict could be the next big Downton Abby (those friends of ours working in Hollywood, you know who you are, feel free to use this idea, it would make a great period piece).

Anyway, if you're up for a brief history lesson, here is a blog that I enjoy reading about Denver. This one is about Market st. in particular.
Market Street history

Also, here is an additional Denver urban site that is also fantastic for those Denverfanatics like myself with some time to kill.
Denver Urbanism

Holladay, Market and Red Light...oh my (2015)
Acrylic on canvas panel 6x8

Lesson complete. For those who skipped the reading, you now must wait for the Hollywood version to come out. (miniseries; period piece..... I'm just saying)

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