Friday, April 17, 2015

Rolling down the street...sipping on hipster juice, Laid Back.

Other than my fascination with old 90's gangster rap, I have an obsession with hipsters. I really can't explain it. For those who consider themselves a hipster, let me point out this guy. He is strolling on his vintage road bike carrying an acoustic guitar. You can't even compete. His mullet is red and black and matches The Cure, vintage, black leather jacket. He is vegan and gluten-free...100% hipster. He bleeds non-GMO organic blood. 100% hipster. I imagine he just rolled out of bed, at 7pm (there were some freaks in the living room & they didn't leave till 6 in the morn), to head over to his gig at the hookah & tea bar. No need to rush, he'll be there when he gets there. He is wearing his girlfriends jeans, she's a poet & fashion designer. 100% hipster. I love hipsters.
I often will hipster out at about 40%. When I do hipster it's the equivalent of Austin Power's doing the Macarena....tica tica tica tica tica tica tica tica......

100% Hipster (2015)
Acrylic on canvas panel 5x7

But, damn, it feels good to be a hipster. 

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