Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Sweet peas taller than trees

My grandma, Verl, was the most talented gardener I know. Her garden was a work of art that could rival Monet's water lilies. And she mastered it every year. Every. Single. Year. Gunnison is cold and dry and growing anything at all in that climate, including children is a challenge. Grandma grew a wide variety of both flowers and vegetables in this arid area. And I'm telling you, her sweet peas were taller than trees! Her sweet peas grew with reckless abandon, always reaching up and out and every direction they could. They danced all over her garden with a grace of chaotic glory.

Sweet Peas taller than trees (2015)
Acrylic on canvas panel 6x12

Sweet peas will always remind me of my grandma (with pansies being a close second). They were always on her table during the summer to introduce the salad from her garden, summoning all the wild beasts to dinner.  

I can only hope to live my life like that of a sweet pea.........or like that of my grandma, Verl.  


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