Sunday, March 29, 2015

Mom, I think you need to start over again.

I can always rely on my son to be brutally honest, not only with me and my art, but he's honest to everyone. The below picture started off as a rose, and ended up as poppies. Why? because as I began the rose, my son frequently interjected his honesty throughout my process. My son is the back seat driver for everything. He offers his opinion whether you want it or not.
"What is that mom?"
It's a rose.
"Ahh, it's a bit abstract. It's not so good. It doesn't look like anything.....and it's really messy."'s your movie?
"It's Good, I think you need to start over again, it's just really messy."
Thanks. Now watch your movie please so I can fix this. 

Poppies (2015)
Acrylic on canvas panel (8x6)

I love his honesty. I started over; scrapped the painting 3 times and then said screw it, I'm going to paint some poppies. 

"Mom, that's really good. I can tell they are flowers."
"But it's still kind of messy."
Brutally, organically, Honest. 


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