Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Alamo vs. a coffee machine

When you are visiting another city, you ask the locals what they do for fun, but a lot of times you really just want to do the touristy things. This was the case with San Antonio for me. This trip was not a vacation, it was for work, so my touristing was limited to dinners and a half day on a Thursday before I had to be at the airport.

We had asked a local about the Alamo. Now, I was bound and determined to go see the Alamo, I grew up on old Westerns and I'm pretty sure my dad sung the Bonanza theme to my brother and I when we were babies. It's an important historical site and it was walking distance from our hotel.
Despite this, we still asked a local what he recommends.

"The local" (or so he claims) said that the Alamo wasn't worth it and that we should just walk by it.
He of course gave us a different recommendation of some coffee shop with this coffee machine that is only in San Antonio (we would have to take a cab to get there and most likely wait in a line) and the way it's brewed makes the coffee's a one and only in the world.....blah blah blah.
Coffee machine or Alamo....hmmmmm, that's a tough one.....

I'm sorry, but seriously, a coffee machine!?  This is the Alamo! There's no competition when it comes to the Alamo vs a coffee machine. Do you know how many guns are inside the Alamo? Cases of Guns! Cases and cases of old one of a kind, historical guns.
I grew up with a Dad obsessed with John Wayne, he would disown me if I went to a coffee shop over the Alamo.

We did not go to the coffee shop.

By the way, the Alamo was amazing and completely worth it. The inside gardens are a site to behold. I really wasn't into the guns, but I appreciated them for their historic value. I really enjoyed seeing this site and I would go back again (if I was ever on a work trip or layover, because like I said before, I would not willingly vacation in Texas).

Alamo Insider (2015)
Acrylic on canvas panel 5x7

Bottom line: Just be a tourist. 
You can be cool in your own city. 

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