Sunday, May 24, 2015

Nothing but air, good ole plein Texas air

I recently had to travel to Texas (San Antonio to be exact) to attend and speak at a conference for my job. I have to be honest, I was not looking forward to going to Texas. Not only do I not enjoy flying, but I would not choose to visit Texas.

Regardless, I got on the plane.
I went to Texas.
It didn't totally suck.
In fact, something happened.
It's called Plein Air and I've always found it terrifying.
But what better place to try this out than a place that I will most likely never willingly visit again.

I took with me a set of soft pastels and 3 pastel panels and then I set out on the river walk looking for a Texas adventure.

So there I was sitting in various places of the riverwalk, with my pastels, and panels; "being arty", not caring who was around and what they were doing. Just me and my shadow, outside.....sketching.

Here's what happened.
Day 1:
 I had a hard time just figuring out where to sit, to accommodate myself and not feel weird. I found this place down by the mall, where there was a live band playing "easy listening, adult hits", of which I knew all the songs, so I sang while I sketched. (I often sing while I paint at home too, it keeps me relaxed)
River Walk (2015)
Soft pastel on pastel panel 5x7
Plein Air: San Antonio 

Day 2:
This was quite a fun day. I met so many people while sketching this scene. Most of them tourist like myself, but a few natives as well. Many came by to see what I was doing. Few offered their comments and opinions, which I found pleasant. 
Heading Up (2015)
Soft pastel on pastel board 5x7
Plein Air: San Antonio 

 Day 3: 
I loooooved this building with the Texas flag on top. It was what I used to navigate my way through the city. I have A LOT of pictures of this building (meaning, you may see it again). I also was able to figure out how to add the river boat in. It helped that there was so many of them traveling so frequently. This one is a bit out of proportion, but I purposely made the Texas flag big, because everything is bigger in Texas, in case you didn't know that. 
Going Big in San Antonio (2015)
Soft pastel on pastel board 5x7
Plein Air: San Antonio 

So I guess my lesson is this:
1. Don't be afraid to go out and create in the air around. It's actually really fun.
2. Don't mess with Texas (at least that's what all the gift shop magnets say)

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