Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Here come the judge

I was asked about a month ago by one of my friends (who is the mother to my son's best bud), to create a painting for her office. She recently became a judge and was in the process of decorating her space. I of course was honored and accepted the request. She asked if I could paint a courthouse for her office.

Now, there are a lot of courthouses here in Denver. When I think of a Denver courthouse I think of where I had to pay my $360 school zone speeding ticket (for the record, I was going 20 in a 15), which was at the City and County building.I was super excited to paint this courthouse, because they light it up at Christmas, and I walk by it on my way to work. It's a large, beautiful building. I also really like the newer court of appeals next to the library; the architectural angles on it are screaming to be interpreted.

Wait.....not those courthouses?......Oh, those are state courthouses and you're a Federal Judge!?
Holy Sh(you know what)!
You're a Federal judge!?
Now, that is impressive & secondly, now what?
Thankfully, she knows her courthouses and guided me to an old beautiful courthouse that sits across from a diner that the Peacock and I use to frequent before kids, but unfortunately is no longer. The lightrail stops right in front of it. The old and the new. I immediately loved it and rerouted my walk to my son's school to study and scope it out, for a few weeks, much to his complaints. (Uhhh, we're walking by the courthouse again.....how many more pictures do you need.......you're  not done with that painting yet?)
I'm Done!!
And now,

All rise for the honorable 10th Circuit (2015)
Acrylic on canvas board 9x12

 Congratulations to the new judge! 
"It'll be good to know a judge as the kids get older." -Peacock 
Ahhhhh...It better not be.

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