Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Urban Biking- Guest blog by the Angry Peacock

Here it is, my big finished painting. 
For those who need a recap......see Here
For everyone else.......
Enjoy the peacock. 

Angry Peacock Denver Commute (2015)
Acrylic on Canvas 36x24 

As a Peacock American, a bicycle is the obvious transportation choice. We are naturally equipped with bright outfits and there is an inherent pride to bicycle commuting. A peacock says to his fellow commuters I am in the race on my terms, healthy, joyful, beautiful and sustainable in my habitat. We are most annoyingly happy. 

I sometimes detect animosity among my fellow commuters, the creatures in the automobiles. They scowl and huff as we pass them in traffic and defend our place on the road. I empathize with their dilemma. Traffic sucks, and if they do not rush home fast enough they will not have time to drive to the gym after dinner. 

People do not know that even Peacocks have anxiety and self esteem issues. I sometimes feel weak and hopelessly vulnerable, like when watching a TV show or movie in which an average Joe like me saves humanity with little more than his Mustang or 'dualie' pick-up truck and weapons cache. But, then I say to myself, 'no that's pretend and stupid,' and I go for a long ride and feel superior again.

I think this is because life's real villains are not aliens or commie invasions, but every day choices that lead to bigger problems. The superiority a peacock exudes on his bicycle is not something he states, it is inherent in his way and forms in the back of everyone's mind. Sometimes it takes the form of 'hey idiot get your bike on the side walk' and on rare occasion it leads to some desperate soul rolling coal on our feathers. 

For a Peacock it is critical to take care never to mention any sense of superiority to which we are entitled by our mere mode of transportation. Somethings require no mention.

- The Angry Peacock

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