Friday, August 28, 2015

Jet lagging behind

Jet lag. This is no joke. We've been back for a week now from Europe and I still don't quite feel right. I've done very little in my free time other than sleep and well, sleep. It has made me a bit lazy to want to do anything and that includes getting up in the morning to paint. Each morning I set the alarm to get up, but the jet jag demands that I sleep more. And so I oblige. It's quite persuasive this Jet lag. And I have fallen under it's spell this week. I've tried to ignore it & to forge ahead, but it gets you, on your day off.....wasted day off sleeping and watching "My Little Pony" movies instead of going to the Zoo, because......Jet Lag, he wants you home to nurture him and keep him around.

Well, now it's time to get back to it. Vacation is Over! Jet lag included.

It's now time to get my routine back into place.

I have so many ideas and fantastic things to paint, I don't even know where to start. So when I finally made some time & sat down to paint....I couldn't.  I was not lagging, I was stuck.

I went through all my vacation pictures & there was nothing that I wanted to paint. All those pictures & I just couldn't get excited.
But then, I found one!

I found a beautiful garden picture, I took before vacation. That's right, I painted my Denver again. Because sometimes when you're stuck you need your comfort & your home to get you excited for adventure. I think now I'm ready to tackle Europe.
Art Garden (2015)
Acrylic with pallet knife 6x8 canvas board

Here's to getting motivated, back on track and no longer lagging behind! 
(at least for now)

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