Thursday, September 24, 2015

Painting Brainless, inspired by Monet

This past weekend, my uncle, Chuck, posted a picture to my facebook page of these beautiful fall leaves in a rock pond. Immediately I became obsessed with this picture.
From the moment he posted it, I thought about it constantly. I had a flow of ideas, and I went with my gut on them.....I shut out my thoughts.....and. just. painted.

Since our trip to Paris, I have also had a bit of fascination with Monet's water lily murals at the Musee de l' Orangie. I must admit that prior to our trip, Monet was not one of my favorite artists. I can appreciate his work and especially his color pallet, but when I have seen some of the paintings, they didn't inspire me like other artwork has done.
But seeing these murals in person, room after room,wall to wall.......Mind Blown! (que explosion)

I read that Monet was so inspired by his waterlilies in his back pond that he found bounds of inspiration from that one pond alone and created many beautiful works of art all from this one inspiration. To read more click HERE.  A muse like that is what keeps your heart beating. The water lily murals ARE now some of my favorite memories from our trip. More than the beauty these murals entice, there is a wonder of how he made these all look different and then how the heck did these get put together and maintain their magnificence.

So, this past weekend, I painted brainless, with my Uncle Chuck's posting, inspired by Monet. This is where it all took me. This is the first of 2 paintings I made from the same Muse.

Fall! Where the heck are you? (2015)
Acrylic on canvas 9x12

Brainless and Inspired. 
Thanks Uncle Chuck, 

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