Friday, June 12, 2015

"Not blue, not green, not aquamarine."

We are officially into summer! YeeeeHaaaawwww! The last day of first grade was on Wednesday and now it's time to stay up late, sleep in, and watch TV All Day!
Uh no, THAT is not happening! You get 2 vacation TV days, then it's off to camp for you boy!
This year "the boy" is going to attend the YMCA camp and a Lego Jedi engineering camp. I'm going to keep him active and busy. He has a love of the TV (The Simpsons particularly) and I really want him to be outside and also keeping up with his reading.

We are fortunate to be able to walk to the Central Public library, which is the most beautiful building in Denver! We sign up for summer reading every year and they really have a great program.

Now, about painting. Summer reading has excited me to start my first painting series.
"Wonderland Denver" (guess what I'm reading right now)

This painting is the first in this series and I have at least 3 more planned. I'm going to see where it takes me. Isn't that what summer is all about? No rules, being free, trying out new things? I can't promise anything other than I have an idea and I'm going to run with it (or bridge run with it, as I'm not a runner) See Bridge Running and Base Jumping Blog post.

Yipppeeee  Summer!

Painting the Roses (Denver Public Library)
Acrylic on canvas panel 6x6

"What is the use of a book, without pictures or conversations?" (Alice)

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