Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Buying vs. Renting

The White Rabbit. The second in my Wonderland Denver series.
I have to be honest, this painting was difficult for me. The white rabbit stresses me out. All the rushing and anxiety.....it gives me chest pain. He's getting squeezed for time, money, housing, you name it. He's doing his best to keep his job, his house, raise his family all within the shrinking moment of time; that he can't enjoy and that he has no control over. His commute to work is long and stressful. Each day he loses more and more time in his life. He looks at his life and asks: F*@k, where did my 20's go?...."No wonder you're late, you're watch is exactly 2 days slow."(-Mad Hatter) F*@k, now I have to find some time and money to buy a new watch... . He works a job to pay the bills and his student loans, for a crazy nut who at any moment might chop off his head, his feet or his balls....who knows? His boss is crazy. He has no time for ANYONE, let alone himself. He is a very depressing character. At the rate he is going he will most likely become bankrupt from medical bills due to stress related illnesses (especially if the GOP gets into office and begins to screw with Obamacare...yes, I support Obamacare, in fact I think we should have a healthcare system like Europe! Seriously, let's get with it already)
Many of us have played the part of the Rabbit at some point in our lives.

He doesn't own his time......everyone else does. His time is rented.

If only we could buy him some time......
More time for his classes,
More time for his children,
More time for his vacation
More time for his wife's maternity leave,
More time for himself!
More Time...........
But quite possibly maybe it's not about buying time, but slowing down to DEMAND it! Make it! OWN it!

"Mr. Rabbit, WAIT, Please!" (Union Station Denver) (2015) 
Acrylic on canvas panel 6x6

"The hurrier I go, the behinder I get." -Rabbit

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