Saturday, June 27, 2015

Dancing, Fighting , and Forgiving Mathematics

I read on the internet that Alice in Wonderland was originally about the author's field of study, math....Math, really?!  (click this link to see). Math link (This is a great read)
I always thought this book was about drugs or just some really crazy fantasy dream with wild subliminal messages. But math has always been hard for me & has made utter nonsense through most of my schooling, so I guess I can see that.
Sort of?
However, reading it now as an adult, I have come to feel that for me, this book is about struggles of everyday life and how we interpret and make sense of those struggles.....math included!
Let's take a look at the Tweedles. Now they for the most part get along, loving to dance, tell stories, doing the "Math" of life. Contrariwise, they often also battle. They have been battling over the same thing for years! YEARS!!! Dee broke Dum's rattle (a silly rattle!) and he has never forgiven him for this act.....hmmmmm, forgiveness.
Now, that is a problem that I'm quite certain even Math cannot solve.
Forgiving your children, your lover, your boss, coworkers, friends, enemies.....
Forgiving yourself.
But also letting these things go. One minute you are dancing, one minute you are fighting. The balance of power, the internal struggle, the restoration and reduction...."The Temper" of life.

I painted the Tweedles with Borofsky's "The Dancers". These too (Two) have also caused some fight with their dance. Dancers Objection/commentary (I personally really like both The Dancers and Borofsky. The sculpture itself looks different every single time I see it).
The Dancers are really much like the Tweedles. Their relationship to each other is different every time you see them. They often appear to make nonsense in their "temper". I hope that one day we all can truly forgive each other, and mostly ourselves to really fully enjoy the dance we are doing... mind our tempers.

The Battle of the Dance (Borofsky's "The Dancers") 2015
Acrylic on canvas panel 6x6

"Let's fight till six, and then have dinner."-Tweedledum
"And if he left off dreaming about you, where do you suppose you'd be?" -Tweedledee

I suppose I should forgive & thank mathematics, for without it, I would have no Wonderland Denver series to paint.

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