Monday, July 6, 2015

The Queen- A semi self portrait (Ok, self portrait)

Ok, so this just might be a self portrait in a sense of how I act at the ballpark. Not so much at Coors field (Ok, maybe a little at Coors), but mostly at my son's games. I can't really help it though, sometimes baseball requires a royal intervention.

And here's a story as to why.

A few weeks back my son's team, the Stars, had made it into the semi finals for their machine pitch 8 and under league. Not an easy feat. For months I have been taking him to practice & watching, not only him, but the other 6-8year olds working on their game with dreams of making it in the Major leagues one day. Those who shuffle kids to sports know the sacrifice it takes to get them there and ALL the investment.

Now here's where I get pissed...."off with your head pissed!"

My son's team played this team we will call....."Win at all costs" or WAAC for short. (Because that's what it was, WAAC, ass, crazy). WAAC played 2 pitchers, & 3, YES 3 extra WTF comes to mind, I know, because that's what all of us parents & coaches said. But heaven forbid some kids have to sit on the bench....
WTF are we doing to our children?!?!? I mean really. This is a tournament baseball league! This is baseball! What really are you teaching them? Baseball is F ing hard. It's best to learn that now. Oh, and news flash, Life is hard and, there are people on the bench and people working hard, really F ing hard.

Just writing this makes my blood boil. Our coaches asked the other team to play fair with 9 on 9. They did not. "Off With YOUR HEAD!" So our team played 9 on 13. The peacock, of course,  went ape shit over the fairness of this game (was threatened to be kicked out for questioning the fairness of WAAC) & how can all these adults think this is an okay way to teach children sportsmanship & the game of baseball? How can all these parents watch little kids be treated so unfairly. I mean you're keeping score, counting 3 outs, counting 3 strikes, but play 13 players...that makes no sense. In fact it is nonsense. NONSENSE! Anyway, we were ahead until the last inning. We lost in the last inning by 2 runs. Life isn't fair & sometimes people cheat & win. Sometimes you play against a stacked deck. And you battle hard, only to come up frustrated and short. But eventually....eventually, I know David beats Goliath, it's either that or its off with their heads. Which ever comes first.

Off with their heads (Coors field) (2015)
Acrylic on canvas 6x6
Wonderland Denver 

I'm pretty sure my son is already over this, for me, well........... 
" I warn you, child... if I lose my temper, you lose your head! Understand?" -Queen of Hearts


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