Sunday, March 6, 2016

Dog years

Growing up, it's always been me and my 2 siblings. My younger brother and my Dad's dog.
My brother and I have always played second fiddle to the Dog, regardless of whether it was Mr. Flanders, Birds, Peepers, or Sparkles. Dad and ____________ (fill in current dog) had an unbreakable bond. I mean, seriously....when I asked my Dad to write something for my Mom's 60th birthday celebration he said: "I love your Mom because she always put up with and let me have my dog." (God Bless my Mom). It was understood that "the Dog" was going to get the good scrapes of meat, the best seat on the couch, popcorn snacks, talked to in a "special dog" voice (those with dogs, don't deny it, you know you all do it) and the weekend ride on the boat with free beer included. FREE BEER! And I know one of my sisters tried many an opportunity to get her freebies.....Lush. 

The Dog...Always and Forever Dad's Favorite. 
Spark...aka Sparkles (2016)
Oil on Canvas Borad 8x10

They rarely out live us & the loss............ not even in dog years could one speed up the heartache; but I was told if you're really good in this life, you get to come back in the next life as a dog. 
Henry (2016)
Oil on Gesso Board 11x9

"Dogs are the best kind of people." -Dad
I sure hope I come back as one of the dogs. 

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