Thursday, February 25, 2016

Breaking the Monet-any

For about a month now, I've been quite focused on my little single fruit still lifes; painting these "still lifes" in my everything but still life. Two nights ago I took a break from the still life.
I got out my knife (palette knife).
I put some Justin Timberlake on the Pandora
And I went Monet-ing.

I've gone Monet-ing with a knife before and it's better than chocolate (I'm not talking American chocolate, because we all know that crap sucks, I'm talking Swiss chocolate.........ohhhhhh or Belgium chocolate, even better.....wait, no, not Belgium chocolate. It's not better than Belgium chocolate. So, ya, better than Swiss chocolate).
It's really quite calming to don your knife and paint till you get that Monet high (similar to Belgium chocolate).

I dug up a picture from 2010 from the Denver Botanic Gardens of one of the lily ponds. A time when life was simple. One child simple; working 2 nights a week, 5 days off, sleeping till 9, no school drop offs, pickups, no fighting over whos pancake is "lighter" (Yes, they fight over who has the ligher pancake....I know, makes no sense) .....Just a slow, peaceful, quiet pond of a life.

Colorado Pond Performers (2016)
Oil on Clay Board 8x8
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Orange you Lilies Something (2016)
Oil on gesso board 5x7
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These days, it's important to have a useful knife (and did I mention Belgium chocolate....because that's important to have too....really, really important). 

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