Thursday, March 17, 2016

Dissecting nurses

I am a nurse. I have worked in the profession for 14 years, with 10 of those years directly at the bedside. For those who do not know any nurses; we have a gruesome and often times inappropriate sense of humor. It's not that we are insensitive, but rather the opposite. We see things, do things, and deal with things that no one should ever have to....EVER! And these things can't be "unseen",.....EVER! It is with this profession that a protection of this sick sense of humor sometimes develops, just to get you through it all. And it is because of this nurseness that every time I cut into a piece of fruit I can't help but feel that I have performed a hemicorporectomy. It's not normal, I know. It's rather creepy, but I just think it...Every. Single. Time. 

WARNING: if you decide to google this term, please know the images are graphic. For the faint of heart, I would recommend just cutting a piece of fruit and being okay with that. Here are also a few of mine to view. 

'Cado 2016
Oil on Clay Board 6x6
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Kiwi Together 2016
Oil on Canvas  Board 6x6

Lemon Half 2016
Oil on canvas board 6x6

So, if you're not a nurse, please be sure to thank them, appreciate them, and forgive their sick sense of humor, as their job is not ever easy & you don't want to do it. 
And if you are a nurse...Let's take time to enjoy that well deserved amputated fruit.

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