Tuesday, August 11, 2015

I left my paint in Dresden

Wow, has it been a long time since I got my blog on. There's been no time to sit & between the jet leg & the exhaustion from site seeing, there was NO WAY 4am was going to happen (4am Denver time, maybe). I really have had no concept of the time over here.

But that's vacation.

First stop on the "official" vacation.....Dresden, Germany.
Dresden is in eastern Germany & we rented a car & drove from Frankfurt to Dresden in 3 & 1/2 hours. Let me tell you, driving in Germany on the autobahn is awesomely amazing. There are no slow assholes Sunday strolling in the left lane. It's all business! Left lanes for passing. Business, All business! It's fast & extremely efficient. You get where you need without yelling, screaming, & throwing the bird....maybe just a couple "German stare downs" for warning.

We got to Dresden  & the architecture was stunning. A bit of history about Dresden is that it was bombed completely to a flattened ground during WW2. Brief history gives over view of The bombing of Dresden.

For a first hand account & a great read click Here

Dresden, Germany 2015
9x7 watercolor & ink (water color journal) 

Anyway, leaving Dresden after 2 days I sat down to paint this picture of this beautiful city I'd sketched & realized.... Oh crap! I left my paints in the hotel in Dresden. 
Crap! Crap! Crap! 
Deep breath, you'll be okay. 

This actually ended up working out splendidly for me, as I drug the family to Sennelier. This is the oldest art store in Paris. It was well worth losing paints over. I went in this tiny little shop & had a French "artist" who works at the store give me a tsssst, when I said I'd like to look at both student & professional water color. I can't help but piss off French people with my indecisiveness. I really don't care if I make him have to do his job. I want my paints & I want them to be good ones! 

He warmed up to me......I think? 

Well, I saw beautiful Dresden, I got my paints, pissed off the French, not bad for a first few days in Europe. 


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