Tuesday, August 18, 2015

462 square feet

It seems that everything in Europe is small living. They have to laugh at that show "tiny house" because seriously, this is how people live here in the cities. I noticed it in Paris, Brugge & Amsterdam. That's right, it was ME peeking in your windows at night because you left your curtains ever so open for my curious eyes. I can't help but admire your tiny artsy kitchen, Amsterdam hipster. Or your chandelier and antique furniture traditional Bruggean. Our 900 square feet seems gigantic in comparison. I realize I'm a mere grasshopper and I must continue to "wax on wax off" for many more years. I can't wait to come back & and learn more ways to live smartly small & peek in your window. 

Much to the peacock's dislike, I have now been cursed with the travel urge. We leave Europe tomorrow & My son & I have already been planning the next big trip. However, it will be several years out, as I need to have all family members fully potty trained & able to walk on their own without being carried. Oh, and Europe isn't all that cheap. 

It's been a wonderful trip with more painting to come once I get home. However, I must confess; painting was very hard to do during this vacation. (Blogging even more so) We kept fairly busy being tourist & at the end of a full day of sights & walking, I only wanted to sleep. Also, young children need attention. Who knew?

I also must confess that although I love vacation & Europe & can't wait for the next big trip, I'm ready to go home to my own food, bed, & routine. I need my kids to go back to school.....ASAP! And the peacock needs his bike rides. 

We all need the peacock to have his bikes rides! 

But before we leave here's a bit more Paris journaling. 

Eiffel & Seine (2015) 
Water color journal

Jardin Des Tuileries (2015)
Water color journal

Paris Cafe (2015)
Water color journal 

Eiffel (2015)
Water color journal


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