Wednesday, July 15, 2015

On Wisconsin, On Wisconsin, Plunge right through that line!

Every time I take a trip to see my in-laws, I make the peacock take me to the UW campus and State Street in Madison, WI.
Why you ask?
I like my in-laws, I didn't go to school there.

It's all because it is F ing awesome. I really can't get enough of State street and the qwirky little shops. But, Memorial Terrace (can we go to the place with all the colored chairs) is my favorite. I really can't explain as to why. I just really like the whole atmosphere. I kinda want to go be 22 again and be a UW hipster. (Actually, I really just want to be a hipster).

Oh, and I forgot to mention, The Chairs. The CHAIRS!  The wonderful colored chairs. All the chairs appear to be having the time of their life, conversing, hipstering, living the life of a social butterfly, independently wealthy professional students.

I want to be a UW chair........

"So, I told Sam, I'm totally done just sitting here and listening to bullshit. I mean, it's time for me to move on." -Yellow chair
"Word, I know what you mean, moving on over was the best thing for me. I mean I was somewhat forced to move, like dragged, but still, it was the best move ever." -Orange chair
On the Terrace (2015) Madison, WI
Watercolor Journal 

"Tomorrow, I'm totally gonna do it. I'm totally gonna jump in the naked this time. It's gonna be awesome!" -Yellow chair
"You totally should." -Green chair
"I know, it'll be all #cannonball #terracechairstyle #chairsaway #sittindippin......

Overlooking the Lake (2015) Madison, WI
Watercolor Journal 
#chairishthemoment, #chairiobeaches


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