Saturday, April 8, 2017

The Survivalist

Many days I come home to our downtown urban abode to find the peacock intensely watching wilderness survival shows. These consist of Dual Survivor, Dude, you're screwed, Survivorman, Expedition Unknown & America Unearthed (the last 2 being a bit of treasure hunting/conspiracy theory...but still elements of survivaling during the conspiracy treasure hunt). 

We live no where near the wilderness, unless you consider the urban jungle a wilderness (and actually, my Dad finds city survival much more dangerous than the wilderness). I know after all these hours put in watching these shows, that if we are ever stranded in Downtown Denver, he could start us a fire, kill a wild boar with a handmade spear, and build a shelter. I have very little to worry about when I go out on date nights these days.

I have had many of lectures from the urban survivalist in regards to having yourself a solid "routine" that allows for calculated smart decisions based in logic. Always leaving the house with "wallet, keys, phone. Every single time." Seventeen mile bike ride commutes every day from work,  passing all the cars on I-25. Living to help the environment survive and thus a survival of the species. Working hard to better the survival of the family. Surviving those days when your children push you over the edge or your wife plans another musical theater date night.

The Survivalist (2017)
Oil on canvas board
Because it's those who survive that will go and retrieve all the treasure left behind...which could just be the children's Halloween candy while they sleep.

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