Monday, December 7, 2015

What's on your shelf

I must admit I painted this, and I'm at a loss for words with how to speak to it. I feel it speaks for itself. 

Here's the background story of why I painted this portrait. 
It began as a challenge from the peacock. 
He texted me this crazy picture of Trump and said
"I know it's not pretty, but I think you should paint this. It's just so crazy." 

So, I gave it a try. 

And it worked out, so I decided that the most fitting attire for Donald Trump by far would be an Elf on the Shelf suit. We call our's 

"Ass on a Shelf." (2015)
Acrylic on canvas panel 16x8

Every night he reports to himself and informs of who should be deported and who's fired. 

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