Thursday, December 3, 2015

International Trade Agreements

I grew up in a very small town and a wee bit redneck. This is by no means negative, but Jeff Foxworthy jokes make sense to me; either from personal experience or knowing someone with that experience. I find these jokes quite funny.
Well, I got a new one for Mr. Foxworthy.
A true story.
Gunnison is often the coldest spot in the nation and requires for most of us, a wood burning stove.
Well, a wood burning stove requires wood.....lots of it, (winter is really long and really frickin cold). So, every year we would head up into the mountains and gather wood in our old red 1970's International. Let me just say, this truck was a piece, but it mediocrely did it's job every year......very slowly, slowly, slowly, like a sloth. A slow, red, old, 8 track playing sloth, driving at 15mph up into the mountains, getting passed by winter turtles and 90 year old grannies doing cartwheels in snowshoes. (If you think this truck sounds might be a hipster). 

To further paint the utter joy of the wood gathering ceremony, gathering wood is a lot of painful, time consuming work. (You'll definitely need to bring your Cooler along to keep mentally sane). It involves an entire day in the mountains cutting, hauling and stacking wood. You might think, Oh that sounds so nice to be in the mountains all day. NO, you're wrong. You get muddy, angry, sweaty, pissed off, sore, with splinters in your face and sometimes a black eye. This experience is why I don't do Crossfit. In fact, Crossfit should just go get my Dad's wood every year and then stack it up for him for the next 3 days.

Anyways, one year, The International just had enough work and it just refused to go. It wanted to kick back in the garage, hang out with the dead elk heads (let's get real, who doesn't)  But, well, we still needed wood for the winter.
Therefore, my Dad decided it was time.

Wood Haul (2015)
Acrylic on canvas panel 6x12

If you trade your truck for a winter's load of wood.....
You might be a redneck."

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