Monday, January 2, 2017


A new year.
Like many, I too am setting my year goals and hopefuls.
I currently have many, many, many unfinished many half done or not started projects. So many.

Project #1: Lets start with my wonderful thrift store chair find (this is not an uncommon occurrence, as I frequent 4 thrift stores regularly and add in a few drive by's). Now, I bought this chair and it screamed PROJECT, so I bought it and it's been sitting in a corner with a giant plant on it ever since (because there are screw ends sticking out of it and it's a "hASSard") I have plans for a wonderful mosaic top influenced by some tables I saw in San Antonio, but yet it sits. It sits with the bedroom dresser I have planned to strip and refinish and a side table that needs serious TLC or a recycling center. All sitting, collecting dust and looking anything but on fleek.

Project #2: The going on a decade quilt. Yes, I started this quilt 10 years ago, as a gift for my husband, before I had any children. I used a pattern from this book I borrowed from my aunt, please note the title "For the weekend quilter", which is clearly misleading. The peacock is still waiting for it & most likely will continue to wait and wait and wait for his gift. It currently sits in my closet in a Tupperware container, next to the box of fabric with other "weekend" projects.

Project #3: The Balcony mural. We have a solid wall across our entire balcony that is begging for a mural and has been since we bought our place 12 years ago!! The problem with the balcony mural is that I can't even  make a decision as to what I should paint there. Old timey Denver? A star wars landscape (and which one)? Monet waterlilies? It quite literally taunts me when I even venture into planning it. I can't even display it's picture  right now because it has several bike rims (another project in the waiting) leaning on it...and it's dirty has hell...moving on to...

Project #4: The never ending abstract. This one will most likely never get done! Just when I think I'm done, I hang it up....then decide it needs to be "fixed" and then it goes back to hogging up my attention on the easel. It has some serious attention seeking behavior issues.

Oh and lastly, Project Exercise: I believe that one speaks for itself. That one is standard every year...but for some reason always seems to get bumped. But this year I mean it.

So, as I venture into 2017, I am going to finish some of my damn projects that really need to get done, all the while starting new ones, spending time with the family, working, Netflix bingeing....Oh and exercise. Can't forget the exercise this year.


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